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Street Children: 

We are driven to Rescue, Rehabilitate,
Educate, and Reintegrate the street children (RRER).

The majority of the children living in the streets of Nakuru
are vulnerable to drug abuse, crime, and diseases such as pneumonia, due to cold and hunger.

The Bridge has tailored ongoing activities that facilitate the success of this program including providing basic needs such as food, clothing, life-skills empowerment, medical and spiritual support to street children.

The program incorporates street children feeding that take place weekly.

Young Offenders:

The Bridge family members carry out visits to the Bondeni remand home in Nakuru to provide hope to the young offenders.

The main activities include life skills empowerment, fun, and games as well as sharing of the word in a simplistic fashion.


Nyamaroto Children:​

Targets the children living in Nyamaroto slum, Nakuru. The activities that take place in this program include weekly feeding, vocational Bible Study, basic literacy skills, and life skills empowerment.
All these activities are carried out at the Bridge home
where they are served by some of the Bridge members.


This program targets young adults of all social statuses
within the community. The Bridge home hosts them, with the aim of providing a space where they feel free to learn and conform to the gospel of Christ through bible study and worship fellowships. In addition to spiritual nourishment, the project is intended to tap into and develop young people’s skills, talents, and interests. This is through workshops such as entrepreneurship, food production, farming and agribusiness, woodwork, music, etc. The program runs several activities tailored to identify with the youth, delivering the gospel differently from the conventional church culture. Ultimately, the goal is to empower them spiritually and technically and send them out to the community with the capacity to sustain themselves and even teach their peers.

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