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Thank you for considering donating to The Bridge Street Child of Nakuru. We are humbled and honored to share in the lives of these wonderful and energetic youth!

If you would like to consider giving to a specific project - we have listed some different areas of need.

You can donate online via the link below or mail your donation to:

The Bridge Street Child

PO Box 128

Dalton, Ohio 44618

  • Feeding Program
    We feed approximately 230 street and slum children per week - The cost is $1 USD per plate/per week.

  • Healthcare for Street Children &Teens
    We support 50 teens' healthcare and the average cost is $7 USD weekly per child.


  • Reintegration
    Approximately 30 street children are reunited with their families annually and the cost is $50 USD per individual.

  • High School Education
    Education costs are approximately $100 USD per student/semester.

  • Vocational Training
    A full 2-year course with 6 semesters costs $2,400 USD per student.

  • Operational Costs
    Costs of administration, facility operations, transportation, etc. are approximately $1,200 USD per month.

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